Long-Term Care PreViewPrivate. Convenient. Secure.

Let’s secure your long-term care plan.
The first step is to gather a snapshot of your health history and lifestyle. Your coverage options and rates will vary based on the details you provide. Be honest – there’s no judgment here, just data!
Before beginning, you’ll want to have:
  • Current medication information, including the name(s) and dosage
  • List of any medical procedures, including dates, within the last 10 years
If you have that information handy, let’s get started.
Your Privacy is Our Priority
Your advisor sent you this online questionnaire so you don’t have to share potentially sensitive information with him or her. We all respect your privacy. The information we collect is solely to assist with your long-term care application. If for some reason we need to know more about you or details about your health, your advisor will let you know.
This screening process is called underwriting. As an insurance brokerage agency, Ash Brokerage’s role is to collect your information, ensure that it’s accurate and send it to the insurance carrier so your coverage can be placed as quickly as possible. When needed, we assist with finding medical records and advocating on your behalf to get the best rates for which you may qualify. We cannot guarantee the coverage you've requested, but we can promise to treat your application as if it were our own.
Everything you share here is secure and is subject to HIPAA. If you’d like to know more about our privacy policy, please view it here.